A well maintained exterior looks beautiful and increases the value of your property. It also protects the structure of the building.  And it affects people's impression on you. 

Irish properties are constantly exposed to the elements and the ravages of time leave their mark.  They need  top grade exterior paint and professional painters to bring them back to life and protect them long into the future. By treating structural cracks and repairing or replacing rotten woodwork, we will leave your property with a beautiful, longlasting finish.

Our Services

 The Deco-Furbish Painters and Decorators team will 

  • provide professional advice
  • provide a comprehensive quotation
  • assist with colour design individually
  • treat cracks with top grade materials
  • repair or replace rotten woodwork
  • deliver excellent workmanship

You can expect a hassle-free time during our work with minimal disturbance. 

Home Renovation Incentive Contractors

Homeowners and Landlords are provided an "Irish Tax Relief" by the Home-Renovation-Incentive (HRI) Scheme , which will save you money in the long run. Deco-Furbish Painting Contractors are fully qualified to operate under this scheme. 

Self-cleaning Masonry

The best protection for the exterior of your house is water-repellent paint, which still allows the masonry to breathe. Click here for more information

Preparations in progress: Full coat of crack bridging, fibre glass reinforced paint plus special render for mapping and imperfections.  Click here for more....

One of our last testimonials: 

I had a great experience with Deo-Furbish, Painting Contractors. They gave me great advice throughout the project. The quality of the workmanship is excellent, the whole team were professional and efficient in completing the work from start to finish. The prospect of completing this large contract which consisted of two houses was daunting to me but they made everything very easy for me, even at short notice without hesitation. I would highly recommend Deco-Furbish Painting Contractors to any future prospective Clients.

Agnes McSweeney, Clonakilty Lisavaird

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