Self-cleaning Masonry Paint - Algae Prevention

StoCoat Lotusan® is a smooth, above grade exterior wall coating that is used on vertical surfaces including concrete, stucco and masonry. This coating literally keeps building walls clean, which guarantees durability and color stability. In return your maintenance costs are lower than with common masonry paint. 

What makes this product unique, is Lotus-Effect® technology. The StoCoat Lotusan exterior coating possesses a highly water-repellent surface similar to that of the lotus leaf.  A lotus plant leaf is unable to keep hold of dirt particles. Dirt simply flows off with the rain droplets that fall onto the plant. Its microstructure has been modeled on the lotus plant to minimize the contact area for dirt and water.  StoCoat Lotusan has been specially engineered to act identical to the surface of a lotus plant’s leaves :

Dirt and water cannot be hold of.

The facade of the building will stay clean and attractive for many years.

 Video published with the kind permission of Sto. Corp.

Sto Lotusan® Paint Characteristics

  • High level of water and dirt repellence 
  • Resists growth of mold, mildew and algae
  • Resists weather and chalk
  • UV stable 
  • High water vapor permeability
  • Smooth matte (flat) surface
  • Available in 250 colours
  • Can be recoated with traditional acrylic based paints, though with the loss of the self cleaning properties of the Lotus-Effect® technology
  • LOTUSAN is an internationally well-known paint manufacturer in Germany.
  • The Sto Lotusan® Exterior Coating is used on private and commercial projects for the reason of its high cost-effectiveness. 


What our clients say about their experience with Deco-Furbish:

Superb job done at my property by Deco-Furbish. Property needed extensive repairs but as it's an old property I wanted to retain the character or the building. We had some issues along the way, most notably the weather. But the company strove to complete the works to an exemplary standard, despite the weather being against us. To say I'm delighted with the end product is an understatement. Very happy to recommend to other prospective customers. Micheal Daly, Gneeveguilla, Co.Kerry



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