Self-cleaning Masonry

Keeping facades clean with a STO paint finish

Once your facades are coated with the water-repellent paint by STO, dirt particles are unable to cling to this surface and flow off with the rain droplets - like water off a duck's back. This coating literally keeps building walls clean, which guarantees durability and color stability. In return your maintenance costs are lower than with common masonry paint.

What makes this product unique, is Lotus-Effect® technology. The Sto exterior coating possesses a highly water-repellent surface similar to that of the lotus leaf.  A lotus plant leaf is unable to keep hold of dirt particles. Dirt simply flows off with the rain droplets that fall onto the plant. Its microstructure has been modeled on the lotus plant to minimize the contact area for dirt and water.  

Dirt and water cannot be hold of.

The facade of the building will stay clean and attractive for years longer than standard masonry paint.

 Video published with the kind permission of Sto. Corp.

Professional crack repairs and preparations

are extremely important to guarantee a long lasting outcome. For more information click here

Testimonial :

Rosscarbery, Mrs. Kathi C. 

Very thorough and professional job. The finished color is rich and saturated - it looks fantastic. They worked extra hard to meet a deadline I had in spite of unrelenting rainy weather. Highly recommend Josef and his team!


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