Deco-Furbish Painters and Decorators redefines what it means to have a beautifully decorated home, combining craftsmanship with customer communication to create homes that are both beautiful to look at and increased in value. It's our passion to transform the appearance of your home, regardless of condition, size or location. 

"Inviting Deco-Furbish to paint our 80 year old masonry house was a decision we are extremely happy with.  Friends, neighbours and strangers have commented on how the house now looks like new....We did pay more than we normally would for a house paint, but felt it was more than justified by the superb quality of the refurbishment.  Read more...

We will work closely with you to make sure you get the quality results you deserve. We provide a free in-home consultation to get a better look at the space and see how we can make it look extra special.  

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Exterior painting services

Keeping exterior walls looking fresh and clean demands professional input. Our team of painters and decorators will give your home more than just a fresh coat of paint. 

Our latest review from a client, who returned to her home after more than half a year of absence:

So delighted to get back to our Clonakilty home and find it looking immaculate thanks to the wonderful Sto Paint job from  Deco-Furbish in Clonakilty. The rain rinsed off the walls perfectly taking the usual black residue from local winter coal fires with it. No more scrubbing for me.Three cheers! Alison & Brian

 Exterior painting services

Interior house painting...

We believe that the inside of a building should be just as aesthetically pleasing as the outside - which is why we offer painting and decorating services to transform your home into your dream home.

We provide painting and decorating walls and ceilings, repairing cracks and woodwork, hand painted kitchen cabinets and furniture, updating halls, hallways and staircases, wall panelling,  wallpaper hanging and more.

Modernising an outdated space can be all it takes to fall back in love with a home. 

 Interior decorators


Everything went like clockwork.....(Blarney, Lillian H.)
My walls look freshly plastered as a result of the prep work......(Kinsale, Karen G.)
I wanted the best: Deco-Furbish delivered......(Skibbereen, Ciaran O.)