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We stand by the principle of doing things properly at Deco-Furbish - if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Our professional painters have over three decades of experience in painting and decorating as well as plastering and rendering.
We provide a combination of craftsmanship together with customer communication, which creates homes that are both lovely to look at and to live in. As an added benefit, homes that have received our expert service, are also likely to realise an increase in value. Therefore, if you are looking for the best painters and decorators in Co. Cork, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, it's our passion to transform the appearance of your home regardless of condition or size. Secondly, we work closely with you to ensure you achieve the outstanding results you deserve. Above all, we'll provide a free in-home consultation scheduled at your convenience, to enable us to view the space and see how we can turn it into something extra special for you.


"DecoFurbish recently painted the interior of our house. From the first consultation right through to the earlier than planned completion the level of service, the quality of workmanship and their professionalism was exemplary. When they had completed the work, they left the house in excellent condition, with a top quality paint finish.
We would have no hesitation in recommending the team at DecoFurbish."

"I can't rate Deco-Furbish highly enough. The team are consummate professionals. The prep work carried out to the exterior of our house was second to none, with nothing left to chance. The finished job is just outstanding, our house has been transformed."

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Our recommended solvent-free paint for home exterior repels dirt and is ultra-long lasting. Dirt will simply be washed away by falling rain and your home will continue to look fresh and clean for many years to come. 

Deco-Furbish Painters and Decorators will give your home more than just a fresh coat of paint. You can expect unmatched quality and durability that really stands up to the harsh Irish weather.Give your home a clean and fresh appearance with the services of our skilled and experienced exterior painters serving homes throughout County Cork.

Wall/ ceiling surfaces and woodwork will be prepared thoroughly including dustfree sanding and painted using high quality products. We provide top-quality workmanship and professional colour advice to make your rooms, whether lounge, bedroom, kitchen, bath, hall or staircase, look absolutely stunning. Once the work is completed, you will hardly recognise your transformed home.

Kitchens should be clean, hygienic, and welcoming places for family and guests, but the cabinets and cupboards can become sullied and dull over time. A brand new kitchen can be costly, so instead consider breathing in a fresh new look by having your cabinets and cupboards treated, primed, and repainted in a wonderful new colour of your choosing.

Deco-Furbish specialises in kitchen remodelsand makeovers with bespoke services from highly-skilled kitchen cabinet painters that will brighten up your kitchen and leave it looking brand new. Our team will fill imperfections, sand surfaces, prime and apply waterbased eggshell,  replace handles, replace worktops, install new sinks and taps, tile a new splashback, and more. We will provide all trades as required in just one contract. 

This is one of our special services, because it takes more to meet the expectations of today’s discerning buyers than just a quick "lick of paint".

Deco-Furbish provides a turnkey solution

  • to add value to your home,
  • maximise the sales price and
  • help it sell faster. 

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We recently engaged with Deco-Furbish to prepare our 100 year old town house in Kinsale for sale. The house had been rented for some time, so it was tired and badly in need of a refurbishment. Deco-Furbish took on the job and overcame many challenges in order to deliver re-invigorated property that kept its unique character while at the same time delivered a contemporary feel with all of the modern conveniences that we all have come to expect. I can honestly say that Deco-Furbish 'very significantly' increased the value of our property and made it very appealing to prospective buyers. In short, he made it an easy sell. I would highly recommend Deco-Furbish for bringing out the best in your property if you want to prepare it for sale

Kinsale, Audrey G.  (2nd review / new  upon sale of the house)

Our wallpaper hanging service can beautify living spaces from the bedroom to the dining room or main foyer with brilliant colours and decorative designs.

Good wallpaper isn’t paper, but instead contains high-quality vinyl coating or fabric backing to form a durable adhesive bond for years to come. Our craftsmen ensure that your wallpaper is fitted precisely and accurately.

We also provide high-end wall-to-wall coverings with our fibreglass wallpaper installation services. Create an elegant, timeless aesthetic in your home with fibreglass wallpaper.

Thorough preparations are vital for a long lasting and beautiful result. Cracks must be repaired professionally and that's where our expertise shows.
When we have completed our work, the surfaces will be flawless, and the cracks will have disappeared. Wall cracks that have been filled in will permit a clean and uniform finish to be applied afterwards from our painters and decorators in Cork, giving your home a clean and beautiful appearance. Keep your property safe and structurally sound with wall crack repair services from our skilled craftsmen at Deco-Furbish.

There’s a lot more to painting your home’s interior or exterior than hiring painters in Cork to have it done. A crucial step is choosing exactly the right colour palette to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. With over 800 colours to choose from within the Sto exterior colour palette and endless possibilities for interior colours, the choice may seem overwhelming. That’s why Deco-Furbish provides a freecolour consultation to help homeowners establish exactly the right colours for their home.

Our team will work closely with you to determine just the right colours, tones, and how they complement or contrast with one another so that the finished product looks exactly how you envisaged it.

Window and Door Painting

Although windows and doors are highly functional elements of your home, they also provide excellent opportunities to add aesthetic flair and bring out the full vibrance of your home.
Door painting services from Deco-Furbish help to beautify the threshold between your garden and the comfort of your home, while our window painting services serve to accentuate the beauty of your windows whilst also improving their resistance to the elements.
We repair and replace any rotted timber and apply PVC paint to improve the insulation of your windows.

Why Choose Deco-Furbish Painters & Decorators?


Before commencing work, our team will arrange for a detailed one to one consultation at your Co. Cork location to determine your exact needs. After that, we will put together a bespoke redecorating plan that meets your requirements.


High Quality

As part of our house painting and decorating process, we use only the highest quality products to bring your vision to life. Certainly, we are using professional equipment and brilliant paint colours and finishes. See some of our portfolio of work in the Cork, Kinsale, Clonakilty area. 


With over three decades of professional industry experience, you can depend on our painters in Cork County to complete beautiful interior and exterior painting and decorating projects to your satisfaction.


It’s important to choose painters and decorators that you can trust, which is why our friendly team of experts will remain courteous and attentive to any enquiries or concerns you may have.

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We are based in Clonakilty, West Cork, and cover towns and communities such as Kinsale, Cork, Carrigaline, Bandon, Bantry, Skibbereen etc. If you are located elsewhere in County Cork and would like to avail of our services, please send us your enquiry.