Exterior House Painting Tips: What You Need to Know for a Premium Finish

Are you looking for exterior house painting tips? You've come to the right place. Painting a building exterior isn't the same as applying a fresh coat of paint to an interior wall. 

Significantly more preparation is involved before you can even think about picking up a paintbrush. You can't cut corners when it comes to masonry paint and decorating supplies. In short, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.  
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A new coat of paint can make any exterior look new again. We've put together an in-depth guide on what to consider before commencing a project, along with some essential exterior house painting tips. 

Exterior House Painting Tips 

Are your exteriors long overdue a fresh lick of paint? Many people fall at the first hurdle through lack of planning, while others assume that painting a building exterior is the same as tackling indoor renovations. 

To make your life easier, we've put together an indispensable guide that breaks down everything you need to remember when painting the outside of a house.  

Painting the Outside of a House: Planning 

As with any major project, painting building exteriors require careful planning. By putting together a provisional plan, you'll save yourself plenty of hassle in the long run. A basic project plan should suffice here.  
Make a note of what needs doing and what you'll need to complete the job. In some cases, you may need to carry out minor restorations before applying paint. Inspect the condition of your exteriors to determine whether you'll need to carry out wall crack repairs and similar tasks.  
As exterior house painting tips go, drafting a plan is one of the most important. A plan makes capturing the scope of a project simple. It also gives you a firm idea of the materials you'll need and how much you're likely to spend. 

If planning out the work doesn’t suit you, you can always hire professional painters and decorators like Deco-Furbish. 

Be Prepared for the Project 

Planning is only one part of getting ready for a house painting project. Another valuable tip for exterior house painting is to prepare yourself for the task ahead. Unless you're only painting a single exterior wall, you need to be braced for a physically demanding project. 

Do you suffer from mobility issues? Are your fitness levels less than optimal? You may want to consider outsourcing the work to an experienced exterior painter.  
Even if you're physically able to rise to the challenge, there are things to consider. Will you need to access the second-storey exteriors? Make sure you've invested in a sturdy ladder and know how to use them. Worried about damaging a newly installed deck or patio? Don't spare the dust sheets.  
Furthermore, you'll need to protect yourself against paint splatter. Protective overalls are a solid investment, but at the very least you'll want to be wearing old clothes. While paint fumes aren't as much of a concern when decorating exteriors, you'll still want to minimise exposure. 

Painting Tips for House Exteriors: Materials Shopping List 

You don’t want to run out of paint before a job is finished. When you've been working outdoors for hours, this scenario is even more infuriating. One of the most vital painting tips for house exteriors is to not leave anything to chance.  
Many people make the mistake of assuming they can simply replenish their supplies as they go. At a pinch, you could venture off to the DIY store to purchase another can of paint. However, even if you secure a perfect colour match, you'll never achieve a perfectly even finish.  
One useful tip for painting the outside of a house is to consolidate all your painting materials into one container. This means decanting smaller cans of paint into one large tub or barrel. Once the paint has been mixed, you'll know exactly how much you've got to work with. 

What to Buy? 

Looking for shopping list tips for painting the outside of a house? Pretty much every exterior painting project will require the same essentials. Firstly, you'll need paint. For best results, go for premium masonry paint. Although expensive, it's long-lasting and will save you from having to patch up imperfections at a later date.  
You'll also need high-quality rollers and brushes in an assortment of sizes. To keep these clean, you'll also need plenty of white spirits and paint thinner at your disposal. For neater applications, masking tape is a must. To help cover larger areas, masking paper is also useful.  
There's a strong chance you'll need to carry out minor repairs to your exterior walls as you go. As such, you'll need suitable tools and materials. Wire brushes, scrapers, and sandpaper are therefore essential. Premium putty or filler will also be needed to tackle minor wall cracks and superficial damage.  
It's important to keep your work area clean. Sweeping brushes will make a big difference here. Dust sheets are inexpensive and will save you the hassle of having to scrape away paint splatters from outdoor furniture and paving. However, unwanted bedding is just as effective.  
Protective clothing also needs to be purchased. At a minimum, you'll want gloves and dust masks. If you're working at height, a hardhat will also be required. If you do need to access higher walls, you'll need to purchase a stepladder or climbing ladder. Make sure you've got all of this equipment ready to use before commencing your project. Buying all of this outright might consume your budget. It might make sense to just hire a professional who already has the equipment.  

Cleaning is Crucial 

One of the most commonly ignored exterior house painting tips is cleaning walls before putting a brush or roller on them. At a distance, your building exterior may look clean enough, but it's not. If you live near a busy road, exhaust fumes will have taken a toll on your existing paintwork. Environmental factors will have also left their mark, with mould growth and residual grime something you'll want to tackle.  
Some people assume that a heavy coat of primer will cover a multitude of sins. However, there's no shortcut here. Once your paint dries, those unsightly mould colonies and discoloured patches will become visible once more.  
A thorough clean of your exterior walls will deliver better results. It will also highlight any serious issues like dampness that should be addressed before painting commences.  

Tips for Exterior House Painting: Final Checks 

By now you should have worked out the scope of your project. Your materials should be gathered and wall cleaning and preparation should be taken care of. 

However, it's worth taking a step back and taking stock. Are you sure you have enough paint to finish the job? Are there still signs of flaking paint that need to be removed? Is there a suspicious dark patch that might be pointing toward an underlying damp issue? Resolve all these questions before pouring paint and reaching for your roller.  

Applying Exterior Paint Like a Pro 

Finally, you're ready to start painting. Generally speaking, you can be quite liberal when applying paint to large, even areas. However, if you want a premium finish, take some time to work on those awkward corners and recesses. Many professionals dishing out exterior house painting tips will insist on using a cutting-in brush to deal with these finer details.  
Painting around windows also requires care and attention. Be meticulous when applying masking tape to window frames, sills, and trims. Avoid using cheap masking tape as this tends to be permeable and prone to lifting. 

Instead, spend a little extra on painter's tape. Not only will this protect window frames from paint excess, but it's also easier to remove. Furthermore, there will be no unsightly adhesive residue left behind when you finally remove it. 

When's the Best Time to Paint an Exterior Wall? 

Hot weather and sunny skies might be ideal for mowing a lawn, but these aren't ideal conditions for painting the exterior of a building. Ideally, you want a happy medium that falls squarely into the warm and mild category.  
Never attempt to paint on a blazing hot day. In addition to being exhausting, you'll have to contend with glare. This becomes even more of a problem if you're applying light-coloured paint.  
Although outdoor painting jobs don't require high temperatures, you will want to avoid rainy days. A sudden downpour won't wash away your hard work, but it will put paid to your plans. 

Additionally, exposure to moisture can ruin the eventual finish of certain paints. This is particularly noticeable if you're working with outdoor emulsion or gloss.  

Need Help from the Professionals? 

Now you're armed with our exterior house painting tips, your project should go much more smoothly. Remember, planning is essential when undertaking exterior painting. You'll also need to set aside plenty of time to complete the work. In almost every scenario, you'll need to apply at least two coats. Furthermore, you may need to carry out minor repairs before you even get started.  
Once you've scoped out your project, you'll need to get together materials and essential equipment. Your initial outlay may seem considerable, but you mustn't skimp on these supplies. Most importantly, make sure you have everything you need before you start painting.  
Finally, know when to paint. Don't wait for record-breaking temperatures, but try to avoid days with forecast rain. Even minor moisture exposure can ruin the finish of painstakingly applied gloss and emulsion.  
Are you dreading tackling that outdoor painting project yourself? Speak to the team at Deco-Furbish to see how we can help. Our team is made up of some of the most experienced painters and decorators in Cork. 

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