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Posted 31 weeks ago

Why Sto self-cleaning masonry paint is cheaper in the long run

According to Met Eireann we have 225 days per year of rainfall on average in the West region of Ireland. As a raindrop falls through the atmosphere, it can take up tens to hundreds of tiny aerosol particles before hitting the ground. This process cleans the air, which is great. On the other hand, these polluted raindrops unload when they hit the ground, or in this case – the walls of a building. The common result is “greenish” and dirty looking masonry.

Now you probably want to know, how to benefit from a polluted raindrop.

On surfaces, painted with Sto Lotusan self cleaning masonry paint, pollutants like soot, algae and fungicide cannot be hold of. Dirt simply flows off with the rain droplets.  This process is due to the microstructure of the paint, which has been copied from a Lotus Leaf. StoCoat Lotusan® is a smooth, above grade exterior wall coating that is used on vertical surfaces.

Whilst surfaces, which are painted with common masonry paints, need a fresh coat of paint all two years to maintain a clean appearance, the self-cleaning surfaces don’t need new coatings for many years at all.

This means subsequently, that the costs for maintenance are significantly lower and hence the homeowners save money in the long run.


Posted 88 weeks ago