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Colour Consultation

Your colour design: tips for deciding on kitchen colours

Our team of Kitchen Painters Colour Experts are dedicated to helping you select the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen. The future of kitchen design in 2024 will embrace a peaceful and restful aesthetic. After enduring a period of instability, we all want to benefit from a calming oasis to get away from the stresses of life. Talking about colours in general, the trend of all-white kitchens has decreased in popularity. Rich and warm tones are now taking over, such as browns, smoky blues and greens. A popular style choice incorporates a combination of light and dark woods with vibrant tones. But prior to browsing colour options, we suggest taking a look at our tips below.

Existing Surfaces

The First Step In Selecting A Colour Is To Think About The Permanent Surfaces In Your Space, Such As Wall And Floor Colours, Worktop And Backsplash.

Are these surfaces dark, light, or mid-tone?

Are they cool or warm?

Your choice of cabinet colour can be guided by these elements. Aim to duplicate one of the current tones to create a sense of compatibility.

Size of the Kitchen and Lighting

The 2nd Step Is To Reflect On The Size And Amount Of Natural Light In Your Kitchen.

For a small kitchen that lacks space and natural light, consider using cabinets in a lighter tone to create a more open and airy ambiance.

In Contrast, Darker Colours Shine In Larger, Well-Lit Spaces Where A Dramatic Effect Is Desired.

Two-Toned Kitchen

Opting for a two-toned style is a fantastic way to infuse your kitchen cabinets with depth and appeal, all while maintaining a balanced color palette. 

When it comes to bigger kitchens, your options are wide open.

But again, should you find yourself unsure of which colours to choose, rest assured that we will be there to assist. 

Small Kitchen Colours

For a small kitchen it’s ideal to go with one colour on your cabinets to create a sense of spaciousness.

If you want your kitchen to appear larger, consider using light pastel colors as they have a greater ability to reflect light compared to darker shades.

Consider painting the kitchen cabinets to match the colour of the walls. 

Colours and Their Meaning

Here is a quick overview:

Light pastels create a feeling of ease in a room. And the room seems to be larger.  

Grey shades give rooms a noble note. 

Red shades create warmth, cosiness and power. 

Blue shades are calming and help a person to relax. 

Green shades are lively, helping to recharge and to find inner balance. 

Finding the right balance is always a welcome challenge for us.

Consult our colour expert to choose a colour palette for your kitchen cabinets.