Exterior walls white painted with dirt-resistant paint

Pollution and Algae Growth on Exterior Walls?

A freshly painted building is a beautiful sight, with clean, crisp lines and no marks to spoil the facade. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain your homes freshly painted exterior. Staining and discolouration become more apparent and unsightly as time goes by.

Because of the weather conditions here in Ireland, the problem is a serious one for property owners. Buildings suffer severe exposure to the elements and the moisture in the air which, combined with dirt, provides an ideal environment for algae to grow.

Comment on FB on 15th May 2023:

"It's coming up to four years since our house was painted by Deco-Furb and it's still looking like new. Teresa Brady"

Extending the Life of your Home with Expert Exterior House Painters

The solution is to use the new technology found in dirt-resistant paint. Once this paint is applied to the outside of your house, it will keep your property clean and well-kept by discouraging the growth of algae and fungus and repelling unsightly staining.

Dirt will simply be washed down by the falling rain. Look at our pictures below of a recent exterior house painting project. This house had been painted in 2017 and while we were doing interior painting for our clients, we had the opportunity to take these photos in February 2023. All exterior wall surfaces are clean and free from soiling. 

When you are looking for an eco friendly, sustainable paint for the exterior of your house, then Sto paint is the perfect solution, because it's water-based and free from plasticizers.

Why choose Deco-Furbish?


We work closely with every client to ensure that their ideal vision for their home is brought to life. We offer free personalised one-on-one consultations and transparent quotes before beginning any project.


We have over 30 years of professional experience as interior & exterior house painters. This means that we’re ready to handle any painting or decorating job.


Our painters use the finest quality paint colours as well as high-quality tools and materials to ensure a smooth and clean finish to the exterior of your home.


Customers have come to rely upon our trustworthy and reputable team of painters and decorators in Cork. We maintain clear and open communications for every job, from start to finish.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Exterior House Painting

Our exterior painting service provides superb value for homeowners by using high-quality paint, rich, vibrant colours and tones.

Choose from our hundreds of colours and breathe fresh life into the exterior walls of your home. 

Crack repairs

Prior to applying any paint, it’s important to smooth out any uneven surfaces and perform professional wall crack repairs as needed. Our team of professional house painters are fully trained to repair cracks, thereby ensuring an even and uniform texture and finish without mapping.

Window and Door Painting

Give your house a new lease of life with our high-quality window and door painting services. Complement or contrast your door with the exterior finish to create a welcoming entrance way. We will paint your PVC or timber windows with protective and quality products. 

Colour Consultation

It can be overwhelming for homeowners, especially with over 800 colours to choose from. Deco-Furbish offers all clients in West Cork a free colour consultation to help establish the ideal colour palette for your home before the first lick of paint.

Kinsale, exterior house painting,blue and black
Kinsale, house exterior before painting orange and yellow

Our Promise to You

"We are committed to providing our valued customers in Co. Cork with nothing short of the best care and due diligence according to the highest quality standards for painting and decorating. Our specialist exterior house painters will cover garden furniture and any necessary surfaces, to ensure that your property is fully protected, and the finish is flawless and clean. From start to finish, our friendly team of professionals will maintain open and clear communications with you to ensure that you’re getting a bespoke service that meets your exact needs." 

Benefits of self-cleaning masonry paint

Buildings painted with water repellent, dirt resistant paint have lower costs for maintenance and the value of your property will be increased significantly. It doesn't just provide protection against water, dirt and algae, it looks great as well.

The product is available in more than 800 colours, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your building.  Deco-Furbish provides free consultation and a Sto colour chart to help you find the perfect shade to suit your home.

 Video published with the kind permission of Sto. Corp.

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Deco-Furbish is based in Clonakilty and proudly serves customers in and around County Cork with high-quality painting and decorating services.

We operate in Cork City suburbs such as Ballincollig, Bishopstown, Douglas, Rochestown & Blarney. We have also many happy clients in larger towns outside the city like Kinsale, Macroom, Bantry and Skibbereen.

In addition to exterior house painting, we also provide other services, including kitchen cabinet painting, wall crack repairs, wallpaper installation, and bespoke interior decorating.

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Customer Testimonial:  

"The Deco-Furbish team were a pleasure to deal with and utmost professionals in every aspect of the job from start to finish. Valuable, expert advice was offered at the colour choice stage. When working on site all painters were exceptionally clean and meticulous in covering pathways etc…. You would hardly know they were onsite from the quiet, orderly way they went about their business. I would definitely recommend Deco-Furbish to anyone looking to paint their house and will definitely be using them again in the future."

James K, Kinsale, Co.Cork. 

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Exterior Painting Portfolio 

House painted with Sto Lotusan white and brown windows
Exterior Painting House painted light grey with brown windows
Exterior Painting House with Zinc roof painted dark grey and light grey with yellow door
St Patricks Church Dunmanway painted iceblue Sto Lotusan
House green grey with white frames and black door
Hotel in Clonakilty painted green
House, painted white with long lasting paint
House, green, exterior painting, Clonakilty

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