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Exterior Painters

Trusted House Exterior Painters in Cork

Have The “Freshly Painted” Look On Your Exteriors for Years on End

Welcome to Deco-Furbish, your trusted source of house exterior painters in Cork and surrounding locations. We specialise in providing long-lasting paint jobs that look fresh for years since we go the extra distance to prepare your exterior walls to stand the test of time and weather-borne damage. Our commitment to you is nothing short of the best care, offering end-to-end solutions for crack repair, decay removal, door and window painting and complete refurbishment.

We operate across Cork County and surrounding locations, including Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Cork, Kinsale, Bishops Town, Rochestown, Douglas and Blarney. We also have many happy clients in larger towns outside the city, like Macroom and Bantry.

Get bespoke exterior painting services with personalised support to maximise the value of your property, time, and money. Whether you’re building a new home, having a makeover or preparing your house for sale — get the perfect solution for all your needs from start to finish. Talk to our experts. Book a free colour consultation to get started.

Our Approach to Lasting Exterior Painting

As much as anyone would want to restore the freshness of their exterior wall paint for a couple of years to come, it often seems impossible to prevent discolouration and stains for too long. Sometimes the paint starts to deteriorate even before a year has passed since the last paint job.

Exterior walls are prone to spoiling in regions with abundant rainfall, like Cork County. The wetness leads to paint peeling, cracks, and ghastly discolouration. Moreover, damp walls are also precursors of red, green or black algae, ubiquitous in Irish houses. This can cause long-term issues that would be very costly to fix, in addition to being unsightly.

The secret behind Deco-Furbish’s long-lasting exterior wall finishes is how we prepare exterior walls for the worst. We use high-quality paint with water-repellent and dirt-resistant features. Before we paint, we follow a stringent pre-painting process of inspecting dents, cracks and decay all over the property. Our comprehensive exterior wall preparation offers optimal protection against rainwater, dust and environmental impact and prevents further algae buildup. This way, you have nothing standing in the way of making your house look like a beautiful landmark in the neighbourhood.

Comprehensive Exterior Painting Services with Free Colour Consulting

Experience the best of our exterior painting services in Cork to enhance the curb appeal of your home with a rejuvenated facade. Partner with our team of highly experienced exterior painting contractors in the county who can adeptly handle different types of surfaces, from concrete and stone to render walls.

We work with all kinds of homes and properties; whether you need a contemporary look or to enhance the classic accents of your period property, we always aim to exceed your expectations. Connect with our experts and let us transform your home, just as you dreamed of.

Exterior Painting

Experience our commitment to excellence with tailored exterior painting in Cork. We use high-quality solvent-free exterior masonry paint with a dirt-repellent formula to give you beautifully painted exteriors with a seamless finish and long-lasting freshness. Any accumulating dirt will easily dislodge and wash away with a downpour, leaving a clean and refreshed surface. That stays the same for years.

Our prep work including crack repairs is what sets us apart in giving you the most long-lasting masonry paint job. It starts with a preliminary site inspection and fixing all uneven surfaces, cracks and dents, thereby ensuring a smooth and uniform painting without any mapping. The finest quality paint, paired with high-precision craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensures a spotless finish, much like frosting on a cake.

Door and Window Painting

Our masonry painting job includes exterior window and door painting services for wooden, metallic or PVC frames and trims. We smooth out any uneven surfaces before adding a fresh coat of paint to ensure a neat finish with a protective shield to give your doors and windows a new lease of life. Create a welcoming entrance with the most appealing colour contrasts and combinations that accentuate details.

Exterior painting involves not only walls but multiple other surfaces, including trims, shades, doors, windows and other structural elements. When it comes to choosing the right exterior colour for your house, you need to combine different shades as well as paint textures for an appealing look. Exterior painting is a big investment and we intend for you to get the maximum value for your money and never regret your decisions.

Unleash the full potential of your property with our expert colour consultation services. With a personalised colour consultation, we help you understand the key features of each shade, and different textures like eggshell, satin or flat offer our recommendations. This way, you can make a more confident and conscious decision while selecting the shades from hundreds of options. Create the ideal palette that will complement the vibe of your abode. And the best part is that our colour consulting services are offered free of charge within our project scope.

The Deco-Furbish Process to Ensure the Most Lasting Exterior Paint for Your Home

Masonry painting may seem straightforward, but since different builds have different issues and conditions of the walls, matters get complicated at large. Thankfully, our team of local exterior painters in Cork has your back. With our streamlined approach to providing fully managed exterior painting services, we ensure that you get an all-encompassing solution with minimal disruption or unpredictable situations. Enjoy a hassle-free process when you trust us with your exterior painting job.

Initial Consultation (Free of Cost)

Each project starts with a personal consultation with our experts, which includes our free services of site survey and colour consulting. Get a detailed quotation with unbiased recommendations.

Power Washing

Before the first lick of paint touches the walls, our exterior painters will prepare the surface with a power wash. This step is essential for removing all flaking paint, decay and algae from the walls. The entire building is washed, including the fascia and soffits.

Crack Repair

If your exterior walls have even a minor crack, we will locate it with our meticulous attention to detail. We will fix cracks, chipped walls and other imperfections to ensure that we leave a clean and smooth surface so that the final paint leaves an impeccable finish that stays fresh for years.

Final Painting and Handover

We use advanced exterior paints that repel rainwater, fog, and moisture due to their special surface properties. Finally, we run a thorough inspection to ensure impeccable quality of service.

Exterior Painting to Prepare Your House for Sale

Are you looking to list your home in the market? Whether you want to rent out your property or sell it, if you have drab and faded exteriors, it could simply deter your prospective buyers. Let us help you create the most unforgettable first impression with our comprehensive exterior painting services. Invest in the most worthwhile resources to make your property the most interesting element in the neighbourhood. Call us today and take the first step towards making your property totally “market-ready.”



Grant and Janet Fisher

Having lived in Germany for 14 years and built a house there, we were really looking for a top professional refurbishment company to paint our home in West Cork. We found Deco-Furbish via our Irish neighbours who had their house painted four years previously. They highly recommended the quality and workmanship of Deco-Furbish, and we witnessed the state of their house exterior after 4 years (still perfect). We decided to get a quote from Deco-Furbish and after coming by within a few days to view the job, Joseph provided a fixed contract price. The job tool them three weeks to complete, with the first 10 days spent purely on very clinical preparation of the surfaces (power wash, filling of all cracks and holes, sanding and grinding irregular concrete and old wood, filling with micro sealer etc) they then painted with an undercoat sealer and two top coats of specialist STO 'Dynamic System' paint. All wooden doors, downpipes, window frames and stone window sills were painted in contrasting colours as per our request. The house looks like it was built yesterday!! Truly a remarkable achievement... Sincere thanks to Joseph & Marion and the Deco-Furbish team (Rory, Damian and David)

Gerard L., Macroom Google Reviews

you get what you pay for

We were very hesitant to make the jump to paint our kitchen cabinets, but from the first contact we made with Deco-Furbish they were so professional that any fears we had were quickly set aside. The completed work is an absolute joy to live with. The professionalism of the Deco-Furbish team was a five star experience from beginning to end. Is this company a little more expensive? perhaps but you certainly get what you pay for.

Carol M., Bandon Google Reviews

painting exceptional

An amazing team. Arrived on time. Did the kitchen over 3 days & also painted living room, Conservatory & Utility room, painting exceptional. Very tidy and clean. Very professional. Fantastic work.

Adrian, Kilbrittain Google Reviews

top quality paint finish

DecoFurbish recently painted the interior of our house. From the first consultation right through to the earlier than planned completion, the level of service, the quality of workmanship and their professionalism was exemplary. When they had completed the work, they left the house in excellent condition, with a top quality paint finish. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team at DecoFurbish.

Lyn H., Dunmanway Google Reviews

fast and reliable service

Very fast and reliable service from giving quotations, to explaining the processes of exterior painting involved, help with choosing colours and executing the work required. All the staff are polite and professional and I am delighted with the finished project. Well recommended.

Teresa B., Leap Facebook 15th May 2023

...four years....still looking like new...

It's coming up to four years since our house was painted by Deco-Furb and it's still looking like new.

Kinsale, Audrey G. new upon sale of the house

We recently engaged with Deco-Furbish to prepare our 100 year old town house in Kinsale for sale. The house had been rented for some time, so it was tired and badly in need of a refurbishment. Deco-Furbish took on the job and overcame many challenges in order to deliver re-invigorated property that kept its unique character while at the same time delivered a contemporary feel with all of the modern conveniences that we all have come to expect. I can honestly say that Deco-Furbish 'very significantly' increased the value of our property and made it very appealing to prospective buyers. In short, he made it an easy sell. I would highly recommend Deco-Furbish for bringing out the best in your property if you want to prepare it for sale

Why Choose Deco Furbish for Masonry Painting

Exterior Painting with Crack Repair

We don’t just paint your walls; we give them a second lease on life with adequate crack repairs and algae removal. Minimising any threat of damage or deterioration.

Maximum Protection

Our exterior painting jobs come with maximum protection against weather-borne damage, ensuring the optimal value of your time and money.

Custom Solutions

Different houses have different needs for masonry painting And our custom solutions meet your unique needs more effectively, delivering impeccable results at worthwhile prices.

Industry Experts

With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading experts in the industry to offer hassle-free masonry painting services as an all-encompassing solution that meets all your needs.

Painting Houses That’s Beautiful on the Outside and Happier Inside

Book A Free In-Home Consultation With Us

Exterior painting doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you have the experts by your side. Experience the high-quality craftsmanship and all-encompassing solutions to turn your dream home into a reality. Schedule a meeting with our expert house exterior painters in Cork and surroundings — book a free in-home consultation with us. Have our experts bring their wealth of knowledge right where you are. Get started with informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our House Exterior Painting Services

Yes indeed. But why just Cork? We are fully accredited exterior painters operational in the surrounding regions of Cork Co., including Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Bandon, Innishannon and Blarney. Let’s make your house beautiful.


Our crack repair services are a vital part of our preparations and are inclusive of the painting cost. It is not an extra cost. However, the extent of the crack may impact the final quote. We offer free in-home visits in select locations to give you a clear idea of the overall cost.

We will provide a colour fan with over 800 colours and mockups to help you find the right colour that suits you and the appearance of your home.

We are experts in handling cracked walls and algae growth. We will remove them before painting and you will have the immaculate and spotless walls that you always wanted.

Well, logically, it is not a good idea to start painting ahead of the rainy season; it is best to go for Spring until Autumn.

You may approach us with your wishes, and we will always try our best to live up to your expectations. However, at some point, adding changes might become more hazardous. Feel free to bring the matter to us, and we can improvise according to the circumstances.

Discuss your home improvement project with us. Book a free consultation today!