The facade sets the tone for the rest of the building

A freshly painted building is a beautiful sight, with clean lines and no marks to spoil the facade. Unfortunately it can be difficult to maintain this freshly painted look. Soiling and staining will become more apparent and unsightly as time goes by. Because of the weather conditions here in Ireland, the problem is a serious one for property owners. Buildings suffer severe exposure to the elements and the moisture in the air, combined with dirt, provides a good environment for algae to grow. 


How to keep your home's exterior looking good for many years

The solution is dirt resistant paint. Our painters and decorators paint the outside of your house with Sto Lotusan. This water repellent masonry paint will keep your property looking clean and well kept, repelling algae and fungus, avoiding unsightly soiling.

Walls, painted with Sto Lotusan, dry very quickly after rain has fallen and - not to forget - Sto paints are free from solvents and plasticizers. 



"When you want a job done right look no further! We recently (Autumn 19) had the exterior of our house painted by Deco-Furbish, the finish is fabulous. The workmanship, care and attention to detail Joseph and his team took over the preparation prior to painting was outstanding. Marion’s assistance in selecting the color was extremely valuable and the result is beyond outstanding. A first class job from start to finish, we got a prompt response on requesting a quote, a very fair quote for the job and that’s what we paid. I would highly recommend Joseph, Marion and the team for your next project."


Before, walls with deep cracks

Cracks opened and filled with special mortar or filler, primed and covered with crack-bridging paint

 Structure giving paint applied as undercoat

Final coatings applied, leaving an even surface without any mappings or marks


Professional crack repairs before painting the exterior...

...are key preconditions to achieve a durable protection and a long lasting outcome. We pay highest attention to crack repairs and preparations using high-end products only. For more information please go to Crack Repairs.  


Benefits of Sto Lotusan self-cleaning masonry paint:

Buildings painted wit Sto Lotusan have lower costs for maintenance and the value of your property will be increased significantly. Sto Lotusan doesn't just provide protection against water, dirt and algae, it looks great as well.

The product is available in more than 800 colours, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your building.  Deco-Furbish can still top that with providing colour drafts, to ease your decision in finding the right colour. 

 Video published with the kind permission of Sto. Corp.


Some photos of our work > for more photos please go to our Gallery 

House, white, painted, Sto Lotusan