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If you are searching for interior and exterior house painters in Kinsale, then broaden your search to find experts that give you an all-inclusive home makeover solution.

Deco Furbish is a leading contractor offering local services for home refurbishment in Kinsale. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior refurbishment solutions tailored to your needs, budget, and type of property.

Living spaces, whether they are homes, offices, or retail stores, are deeply rooted in the comforts and functionality of the inhabitants. From the height of the overhead kitchen cabinet to the colour of the walls, each aspect has a significant utility to enhance livability that is unique and universal at the same time.

At Deco Furbish, we have an organised approach towards crafting bespoke spaces that live up to your dreams and comforts. This is a one-stop destination for interior and exterior makeover solutions in Kinsale, where we have aligned with local experts for all your needs, including carpentry, plumbing, electric work, tiling, and carpet services.


Deco Furbish - Home Refurbishment Services in Kinsale

What We Offer

All-Inclusive Exterior Painting Services in Kinsale

We deliver fresh exterior walls with complete repair of wall cracks and all other imperfections

When your home is in need of an exterior house facelift, you are going to need a lot more than a fresh coat of exterior wall paint. At Deco Furbish, our best exterior painting services are supplemented with site inspection and repair work for cracks, damp issues, and internal decay. This is not an extra service but is included in our exterior painting cost. We also provide a guarantee on our external painting work. 

Firstly, we specialize in exterior coatings with high performance self-cleaning paint. Dirt is simply washed away by the falling rain, leaving the exterior looking as clean and bright as the day it was first painted. Secondly, with our detailed preparations we ensure a long-lasting finish, saving you time and money.

Above all, we have more than 1,000 colours to choose from and provide free colour consultation to help you find the perfect shade to suit your home.

In conclusion, we are the best answer to your search for outdoor painters near me in Kinsale, because we care for your walls and the value of your money. Our all-inclusive approach leaves your walls looking new and with great longevity. Adding value to your property.

We offer our exterior painting services in Kinsale to a diverse clientele. Homeowners, offices, restaurants, storefronts—all are welcome.

Crack Repairs are a Vital Part of our Exterior Painting Contracts

Repairing wall cracks need much more than sealants and caulk. Get professional services to fix it once and for all.

Wall cracks may look small, but they can be indicators of structural problems. Sometimes, DIY enthusiasts use sub-standard fillers or caulk to patch it up and paint over it. It will only worsen the condition of the wall.

We at Deco Furbish always remove and repair wall cracks prior to our paint jobs. Crack repairs are included in our standard contracts for both exterior and interior walls, with expert wall treatment for homeowners, providing excellent value and enabling beautiful finishes in your home.

Interior Painting Services in Kinsale

Interior Paint Contractors Offering End-to-End Solutions with Colour Consultancy

We often come across clients who have a specific “favourite colour,” and that is what they choose for painting their walls. As much as they love it initially, it often turns out weary. For interior wall paint, favouritism doesn’t always work. Your space needs smart colour scheming. And that’s exactly what we give you!

Deco Furbish is one of the top destinations for your “interior painting companies near me in Kinsale,” because we don’t just leave your walls painted; we leave you with a beautiful, clean, and welcoming space that feels great. In all kinds of lights and at every hour of the day. 

We always start with a colour consultation to match the right colour with the light orientation, furniture layout, and the overall mood of the interiors. We use top-quality branded paints like Farrow & Ball, Colourtrend, and Dulux. Our wall painting services include wall repair and covering cracks, dents, and bumps in the wall. Leaving you with smooth finished walls that are meant to last for a long time.

Kitchen Makeover Solutions in Kinsale

Discover the most lively transformation for your kitchen space

From being a place of labour to being a living area, modern kitchens have come a long way. Be a cool host and have your guests in your comfortable kitchen as you prepare a flavorful meal and engage in conversation. Sometimes the tastiest gossip unravels in the kitchen!

Do you love this idea? You will love our kitchen remodelling ideas, too. We are offering tailored kitchen refurbishment service packages for clients in Kinsale, where we bring all your needs under one contract.

Get highly skilled professional painters, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to give you the most stunning kitchens, living up to all your requirements for aesthetic appeal, storage, safety, ventilation, and flooring.

Home Renovation

Bespoke home makeover solutions – creating smart, happy places in kinsale

Home renovation has diverse utilities – it can be about refurbishing dated interiors, integrating smart home automation, or preparing the house for sale to get a better price in the competitive real estate market. Deco Furbish offers comprehensive solutions for home renovation, offering all the following home renovation services in Kinsale under one roof:

  • Exterior & Interior painting services with wall crack repair
  • Door & Window Refurbishment solutions in Kinsale with end-to-end repair
  • Flooring services, including wooden floor refurbishment or floorsanding
  • Carpet servicing, including repairing frayed carpets, removing and installing new carpets
  • Electrical services for rewiring, new electronics installation, and smart home upgrades 
  • Plumbing services drainage repair, bathroom and kitchen plumbing and roof guttering 

Other than homeowners, we also offer renovation jobs in offices, storefronts orshowrooms. Get in touch with us to get a personalised design consultation followed by a free quote.

Even if you are not selling the property, you can go for a total home makeover solution to enhance its value, improve the quality of living,  if you are considering becoming a host on Airbnb.

Leverage home refurbishment services for selling or renting homes in Kinsale. A prospective return on investment that can gain up to 60% profits. Upgrade the exterior, interior, kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.

Wallpaper Hanging Service

Our professional wallpaper hanging services gives you the perfect alignment and a smooth finish.

Wallpapers are emerging as a new trend, which is a highly functional way to transform spaces and add some specialaccents. We at Deco Furbish offer a wide range of wallpaper hanging services in Kinsale for homes, stores, offices, restaurants, gyms, and many other commercial and residential needs.

Why Choose Deco Furbish For Interior & Exterior Refurbishment Services in Kinsale

Get a dedicated manager with every project to supervise each job and ensure timely completion with perfection.

We ally with industry experts with over 25 years of combined experience to offer you comprehensive solutions for home makeovers.

Get bespoke home makeover solutions in kinsale based on definite budget and time. You’ll be surprised to know about the amazing possibilities we show you.

Have a hassle-free and cost-efficient solution when you get all your needs in one place, one invoice – painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and lots more.

We don’t charge anything to show you the best potential of your space. Get free of cost consultation for interior or exterior painting and home improvement ideas and budgeting.

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