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Deco Furbish - Interior & Exterior Refurbishment Services in Clonakilty

All-in-One Makeover Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Clonakilty is a special place for being Ireland’s first autism-friendly town. And when it comes to the need for space makeovers and refurbishment jobs, there is a reasonable demand for sensible and visionary contractors.

Deco Furbish is a leading painter and decorator offering an all-in-one solution for interior and exterior refurbishment in Clonakilty. We have aligned with a full-service team, including painting contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and many other skilled professionals, to jot down all your needs into a one-time project.

We are ready to take on different types of painting and decoration projects, from small jobs of interior painting services in Clonakilty to bigger and wide-scale projects for total interior and exterior refurbishment and modernisation. We welcome both residential and commercial scopes of work—homes, offices, storefronts, and many other spaces.


The Dream Home Project

Home Refurbishment and Makeover Services in Clonakilty

All living spaces have some kind of sentimental value, but nothing quite as much as a home. Homes amass the most intimate elements, and home makeover endeavours are often the consort of dreams, memories, relationships, growth, and belonging.

The availability of Deco Furbish painters and decorators in Clonakilty is more favourable for homeowners since we have an entourage of highly skilled and top-rated experts to offer you a single point of contact with essential support for designing, budgeting, and scheduling your project.
By employing our personalised design, colour consulting, and modernisation solutions, we could take your home improvement ideas to a whole new dimension, with unique ideas to breathe life into your interiors, giving you more space, light, and a better quality of life.

Kitchen Makeover & Cabinet Painting

Interior Painting Services

Interior Decoration Services

Door & Window Refurbishment

Home Modernisation

Furniture Upgrades

Interior & Exterior Painting Solutions in Clonakilty

For Walls That Build A World, Let’s Give Elegant Freshness A Smooth Finish

Whether you are refurbishing your property, shifting to a new home, or preparing your house for sale/renting, new paintwork always adds an element of freshness. But are you sure about the colour you are choosing? Do you think the paint will look as good on your walls as it does on the magazine page or the catalogue? What about light orientation? How does the colour suit the furniture? There are so many factors to consider. 

Paintwork is one of the most important aspects of home décor, and selecting the most complimenting shades that unify the entire space is not as easy as it may seem. At Deco Furbish, we aim to provide our customers in Clonakilty with end-to-end support for their exterior and interior painting projects, with expert colour consultancy, design and planning, so that they always get it right. 

Interior Painting Solutions in Clonakilty

Enjoy stress-free and mess-free interior painting services at Clonakilty. Whether you’re seeking a subtle refresh or a dramatic transformation with room-by-room colour scheming and consulting solutions, our tailored solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs perfectly. All our paint jobs are complemented with meticulous assessments, additional crack repairs, and damp repairs, ensuring optimal health of your walls and the most long-lasting painting. You can start enjoying your space right from the moment of handover since we also do the cleanup after painting.

Exterior Painting Services in Clonakilty

Make a lasting impression with a beautifully painted exterior that enhances curb appeal and protects your property from the elements. Our exterior painting services are designed to withstand the unique challenges of Clonakilty’s climate, delivering long-lasting results that stand the test of time. Whether you’re updating the facade of your home or revitalising your commercial property, our team has the expertise and resources to exceed your expectations. We offer dirt-resistant paintwork and self-cleaning masonry, along with crack and damp repairs to make sure your exterior paint looks fresh and appealing, for years to come.

Crack Repairing Is Essential To Any Paint Job

Even the smallest wall cracks can ruin your paintwork before it’s time, since they can be indicators of structural misalignment, and can internally deteriorate the wall. Using sealants and caulk is not a worthwhile solution. At Deco Furbish, we offer a lot more than simple painting services. We never take chances and all our paint jobs are combined with meticulous assessments of the condition of your wall, including signs of cracks, damps and decay. We will repair these flaws first, and then carry on with the painting. This way we can ensure the maximum longevity of your paint. 

When you are paying a good price for interior or exterior painting costs in Clonakilty, you deserve to get the complete value for your money. At Deco Furbish, we guarantee flawless results, meticulous attention to detail, and guaranteed satisfaction. 

Whether it is a residential or commercial painting project, our skilled professionals always bring visions to life. We only work with the finest paints and painting products by top-notch brands like Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Colourtrend, and Little Greene, ensuring lasting quality and vibrancy. 

Transform your space with Deco Furbish, the premier painting and decoration company in Clonakilty. Let us unleash the beauty and elegance of your walls. Contact Deco Furbish today to schedule your consultation and discover the transformative potential that awaits.

Home Modernisation Solutions

Upgrade Your Property, Upgrade Your Life

Even the most timeless home decor needs a touch of freshness after a point of time. Otherwise, the environment may get stuck in an “interior time warp.” From the 80s bathroom to the 1990s kitchen, old-school wall-to-wall carpeting, or old wiring, several such aspects can become monotonous. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, can get worn out in 10-15 years, requiring necessary repairs and uplifts. However, amid all the “need for a change,” there are certain aspects that still deserve to stay.
As Deco Furbish brings their contemporary home modernisation services to Clonakilty, it is not without a sense of restoration of what is worth saving. Our culture of modern designs and technological advancements is not about complete transformations but about evolving, from nostalgic elements to statement features.

Preparing A House For Sale

Upgrades to the House That Will Significantly Increase Its Value for Sale or Rental

Homeliness is the most powerful element that can help you sell your property more effectively. When furbished elements of the rooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and other spaces appeal to the buyer with a vision of their own dream home, you have greater potential to strike a good deal. Investing in home improvement services to prepare a house for sale in Clonakilty is a highly sought-after strategy to find quality buyers.

Speak with Deco Furbish about how to create and arrange a beautifully furnished home that will Impress prospective buyers, resulting in more viewings and a higher sale price.

Ready to Transform Your Space? Talk To Us At Deco Furbish

A One-Stop Solution for Painting and Decoration Services in Clonakilty

When it comes to interior painting and decoration, so many people prefer the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. It is the most cost-saving way to upgrade one’s space. And it is also a great satisfaction to develop your environment by yourself.

Nonetheless, the majority of DIY projects are effective for modest upgrades like painting a wall or adding new lighting fixtures. When it comes to large projects and the requirement for room-by-room improvements, more skilled work is coveted, and we at Deco Furbish can go the distance, helping you save money by reducing the risk of the project going south.

As leading providers of painting and decoration services in Clonakilty, we will help you organise and coordinate all the necessary trades for your project, including carpentry, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, and small details of furniture upgrades or carpet cleaning.

Discuss your home improvement project with us. Book a free consultation today!