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Crack Repairs

Professional wall crack repairs

Deco-Furbish are experts in wall crack repairs in Cork. Our interior and exterior wall treatment solutions are a fantastic service for homeowners, providing excellent value and enabling beautiful finishes to your home.

Don’t waste time and money with a ‘quick fix’. Instead choose Deco-Furbish for high-quality house crack repair solutions. Our service adds durability, resilience, and allow for your walls to be freshly repainted. 

Mistakes to avoid with wall crack repairs

Cracks in walls are not only unsightly but can also be an indicator of structural problems. Don't leave anything to chance and get it repaired by professionals. Cracks are treated very often in a rather insufficient way. Usually people patch it up with standard filler before painting over it, while some have even been known to use caulk! Unfortunately, this is a waste of time and money, as the crack will inevitably be back within a matter of weeks. So what should be done?

How to repair cracked walls?

Obviously your crack appeared for a reason. So we set about opening it up and removing the affected area beneath.
Next, we will prime the area and re-render it using a special material that has been reinforced with fibreglass for added resilience and durability. After this comes a process of priming, skimming and priming again.
Once complete, we cut into the edges with a blade and apply a flexible agent, on top of which a fresh coat of paint can be applied.
This process applies to the interior as well as to the exterior of your home, only some of the materials vary.
The following photos show our specialist wall crack repair process.

Why Choose Deco-Furbish



Before commencing work, our team will arrange for a detailed one to one consultation at your Co. Cork location to determine your exact needs. After that, we will put together a bespoke redecorating plan that meets your requirements.

High quality

As part of our house painting and decorating process, we use only the highest quality products to bring your vision to life. Certainly, we are using professional equipment and brilliant paint colours and finishes. See some of our portfolio of work in the Cork, Kinsale, Clonakilty area.


With over three decades of professional industry experience, you can depend on our painters in Cork County to complete beautiful interior and exterior painting and decorating projects to your satisfaction.


It’s important to choose painters and decorators that you can trust, which is why our friendly team of experts will remain courteous and attentive to any enquiries or concerns you may have.

Other Services by Deco-Furbish Painters and Decorators

From remodelling your living room to painting your entire home, our interior painters in Cork deliver beautiful results. We will consult with you and go over various colour palettes that contrast or complement your homes interior.
Want to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look? Take advantage of our home painting services by our exterior painters at Deco-Furbish. With hundreds of colours to choose from, beautify your home exactly the way you want it.

Interior decorating

Reinvent your living spaces with the services of an interior decorator. Our interior decorators will work closely with you to determine the right choice of paint colours, decorative elements, and furniture arrangements within your home.
Need to breathe fresh life into an older kitchen without having to completely remodel? Our kitchen cabinet painters can make an older kitchen appear fresh and vibrant with clean, beautiful, and long-lasting hand-painted finishes.

Our promise to you

Homeowners in need of wall crack repairs should contact Deco-Furbish in Cork. Our team will adeptly and efficiently patch up any cracks in your home so that a clean and uniform finish can be applied. Our decorators and painters in Cork are committed to providing the best care at the highest standards for your beloved home. From our initial in-home consultation to the finished product, our team will maintain communications with you throughout the project.


John Hughes, Maulatanvally, Reenascreena

Deco-Furbish have completed work, including restoration and decoration of our property, to a very high standard. Before painting the walls areas of the plaster surface had to be removed and then made good using a hi-tech flexible filling material as technically advised by their representative. This work was carried out to a high professional standard with remarkable cleanliness and attention to detail. Furnishings were carefully moved as needed. Advice was given on suitable colour matches and combinations of subtle shades for each room. Again the whole painting process was carried out with care and attention to cleanliness. The painting team moved and replaced all the furniture as required. The painters were always punctual so we could plan our own time around them. We would certainly have no hesitation in using them again for future projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen Cabinet Painting FAQs

Depending on the type of wall and the type of crack, the cavity must normally be exposed to permit better adhesion. A filler is then injected into the crack to create a uniform surface area.
Non-structural cracks in exterior walls can often be repaired with a filler, e.g. silicone, mortar, or epoxy resin. Due to exposure to the elements, higher quality products are ideal for long lasting results
Non-structural cracks can be repaired by qualified painters and decorators, but serious cracks may require a structural engineer. For small, hairline cracks, wall crack repair professionals should be consulted.
Exterior walls can crack for several reasons, such as poor foundation, expansion and contraction, and natural disasters. Sometimes, exterior paint develops cracks due to exposure to the elements and age.
Small and hairline cracks are not structural in nature and can be a DIY job, but this is not advised. Professionals can do this for you to ensure is it done correctly. House crack repairs performed by skilled experts can save lots of time and effort.