Professional Crack Repairs West Cork

How we address larger cracks in walls and ceilings 

Cracks are treated very often in a rather insufficient way... Filling with standard filler or even caulk!! And then painting it over…. With this approach they will be back soon, sometimes within weeks…

The correct way and as shown on our pictures: We open these cracks and remove the affected area, then prime and rerender with fibreglass reinforced render. Prime again and skim with an appropriate product, prime again. Then cut into edges with a blade and apply flexible agent. Now the paint can be applied.

For more information about interior or exterior / larger cracks, hairline cracks – ask our team.

Read one of our testimonials regarding crack repairs: 

Deco-Furbish have completed work, including restoration and decoration of our property, to a very high standard. Before painting the walls areas of the plaster surface had to be removed and then made good using a hi-tech flexible filling material as technically advised by their representative. This work was carried out to a high professional standard with remarkable cleanliness and attention to detail. Furnishings were carefully moved as needed. Advice was given on suitable colour matches and combinations of subtle shades for each room. Again the whole painting process was carried out with care and attention to cleanliness. The painting team moved and replaced all the furniture as required. The painters were always punctual so we could plan our own time around them. We would certainly have no hesitation in using them again for future projects.

John Hughes, Maulatanvally, Reenascreena


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