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Price and Performance

Costs of painting a house interior or exterior

There are quite a few things to consider that would influence the cost for painting the exterior or interior of a house. We want to list some of the most important:

  • Amount of preparation work
  • Several different colours
  • Special equipment such as scaffold or hydraulic lift

We at Deco-Furbish Painters and Decorators like to provide a correct and firm quote and therefore a viewing is always necessary. Our consultation and quote are free of charge.

John Ruskin, 1819 - 1900

Engl. social thinker, philanthrophist, draughtsman

It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all.

When you pay too little, you sometimes loose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that -you will have enough to pay for something better.