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Stress-Free House Refurbishment & Makeover Solutions

Deco Furbish has a great deal to offer for fully refurbishing the interior of your house. Get tailored packages of comprehensive house refurbishment solutions for home modernisation, home redesigning for new purchases or home improvements to add significant value to the property for sale.

We Build Your Happy Place

Comprehensive Services for Home Makeover and Renovation , All-In-One Place

Beautiful interiors must be equally comforting and functional and feel like your happy place.

Our value proposition lies in crafting personalised, aesthetically pleasing, and functional interiors that reflect the unique tastes and preferences of our clients. For all that has to be done, we will organise and coordinate the necessary trades to provide you with top-rated skilled interior designers, painting contractors, carpet service, electricians, plumbers, tiling experts, and project managers.
For over three decades, we have been designing living spaces across Ireland. With our organised project management, we have helped hundreds of customers benefit from a seamless and hassle-free home makeover experience. We can do this for you, too. Deliver a re-invigorated property at the forefront of home rejuvenation in

Deco Furbish presents tailored Home Makeover Solutions that redefine Living Spaces

More space. More light. Interior and exterior services that improve a home’s quality of life.

Deco Furbish Home Makeover and Refurbishment Services

Home Modernisation

Upgrade your interiors to conform to modern living standards, free up space, repair damages and sustain your home with a timeless appeal.

Kitchen Makeover Services

Get end-to-end kitchen remodelling services all at once.

Bathroom Makeover Solutions

Design a bathroom that gives you a rejuvenating experience at all times of the day.

Deco Furbish urges you all to look beyond local searches for interior painting companies in Ireland and look for all-in-one home makeover solutions that fully transform your space, that are not just beautiful to look at but are equally comforting, functional and feel like your happy place.

We bring over 30 years of combined experience in managing hundreds of home makeover projects, including outdoor and indoor painting, kitchen remodelling services, wallpaper installation, crack repairing and lots more.

While we bring together all trades under a single solution package, it is just one contract you sign. No loose ends. No confusion. And there are no hidden costs.

We will carry out every project as per the contract in a timely and cohesive manner. We want you to enjoy the whole experience and make the most of our benchmark workmanship and professionalism.

Home Modernisation For Homes With A History

Home renovation is not all about change, it is a lot about restoration too. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in managing hundreds of home makeover and refurbishment projects across Ireland, our pièce de résistance is restoring heritage features while adding modern upgrades to home interiors. 
As we fix damages, repurpose valuable features and articles around the space and furniture, and add modern upgrades and enhancements, we understand how to keep a balance between change and the comfort of familiarity. Our core areas of work include the following:   
  • Wall refurbishment and re-painting
  • Kitchen remodelling services
  • Bathroom makeover
  • Staircase makeover and restoration
  • Doors and window repairs and refurbishment
  • Furniture upgrades 
  • Lighting upgrades
We bring together all trades under a single solution package. It will be just one contract you sign—no loose ends. No confusion. And there are no hidden costs.
We will carry out our job as per the contract in a timely and cohesive manner. We want you to enjoy the whole experience and make the most of our benchmark workmanship and professionalism.

Every Home Has A Story

Home Design and Modernization Solutions by Deco Furbish

We value the authentic character of each home.
A big part of our home refurbishment solution is about restoring the character and enhancing the unique features that make a house special.
When repair work needs more than aesthetic changes, it must resonate with the authentic vibe of the house. Discover more personalised solutions over simple searches of painting contractors .
At Deco Furbish, our approach combines customer communication with expert craftsmanship to create visually stunning and comfortable zones that you’d love to come back to at the end of the day.

Deco Furbish: Painting Contractors

Farrow & Ball Paint | Colourtrend Paint | Little Greene Paint | Dulux Interior Paint 

Deco Furbish is a leading contractor offering all kinds of painting services for homes, offices, storefronts, and just about any living space. We use top-quality branded paints like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, and ColorTrend. Every finish is smooth and seamless.

  • Dirt-resistant exterior paint
  • Window and door painting services 
  • Self-cleaning masonry painting 
  • Staircase painting services with sanding and surface preparation for woodwork
  • Free colour consultation with experts
DecoFurbish stands as a beacon of high-quality interior and exterior painting services, ensuring that each home we touch becomes a testament to refined elegance and timeless design.

We Help You Add More Value To Your House

Home makeovers are a worthwhile investment when putting the property on the market.

Let us help you out with a strategic home makeover solution for selling a house at a better price. In the real estate market, properties that are well-maintained garner more viewings and have a stronger competitive advantage. We go above and beyond to create classic makeovers that will yield a healthy return on your investment and make your home the most desirable one both during in-person showings and estate agent listings.

Client Testimonial After Sale of the House:

The Deco-Furbish team can do so much more than painting and decorating when you need it! We recently engaged with Deco-Furbish to prepare our 100 year old town-house in Kinsale for sale. The house had been rented for some time so it was tired and badly in need of a re-furbishment. Deco-Furbish took on the job and overcame many challenges in order to deliver re-invigorated property that kept its unique character while at the same time delivered a contemporary feel with all of the modern conveniences that we all have come to expect. I can honestly say that Deco-Furbish ‘very significantly’ increased the value of our property and made it very appealing to prospective buyers. In short, he made it an easy sell. I would highly recommend Deco-Furbish for bringing out the best in your property if you want to prepare it for sale

Kinsale, Audrey Grace (2nd review / new upon sale of the house)

Are You Up For A Do-It-Yourself Project To Bring Your Home Decor Idea To Life?

For every plan-b, Deco-Furbish is just a call away for expert assistance

For those who are up for a challenge, go ahead, pick up a paint bucket and brush, and work out a do-it-yourself project.
But if you are tackling multiple rooms, going for a full home makeover, and essentially pursuing a large project, professional help is highly recommended.

Whenever You Need Professional House Refurbishment Services