Colour advice for decorating your rooms and spaces

The composition of a harmonious overall image is a challenge, because it is not enough  to "paint the walls". A concept is required to establish a connection between colours, the existing equipment and the inhabitants. 

How to find the right colour for your room?

Here is a quick overview: 

  • Light pastels create a feeling of ease in a room. And the room seems to be larger.  
  • Grey shades give rooms a noble note. 
  • Red shades create warmth, cosiness and power. 
  • Blue shades are calming and help a person to relax. 
  • Green shades are lively, helping to recharge and to find inner balance. 

Finding the right balance is always a welcome challenge for us. 

Consult our colour expert to choose a colour palette for your interior painting and decorating requirements.